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The Slimdoo® slimming program

Make the most of this fun slimming program that helps you to lose weight at your own pace.Our community will cheer you on and keep you motivated!

Finally a solution for losing weight without dieting!

  • With Slimdoo® set your own slimming goals
  • With Slimdoo® use our tracking tools to monitor your progress
  • With Slimdoo® choose your menu from a range of delicious recipes.

Take Slimdoo® with you everywhere you go:

  • Create your own shopping list from home
  • Check your calorie table wherever you are
  • When eating out, you can keep track of what you eat
  • When out and about you can enter your exercise achieved
  • Support and congratulate each other on your weight loss journey

Slimdoo® the weight-loss program you’ve been waiting for!

Following your 1-hour trial period your access will be automatically updated to a monthly subscription of €€68.20 per month.
No commitments, you can cancel at any time.

So straightforward!**

"I love the automatic reminders! They let me know what actions I've chosen for that day. Not doing what I set out to do isn't really an option because my email and cell send me great little messages to motivate me and bring me back in line!"

Lose weight

Slimdoo® - Slimming Benefits:

  • Discover a new and fun recipe every day
  • Easily calculate the number of calories in your food
  • Make the most of our user-friendly self-coaching to track your progress
  • Create your shopping lists on your cell so you don’t ever forget anything at the supermarket again
  • Make a note of everything you eat easily
  • Take photos of your meals
  • Share your progress with friends on social media

Tired of not being able to wear the clothes you like because they're too tight? Want to be able to shop stress-free and buy those clothes you've always dreamed of? Why wait?

Use Slimdoo® to lose your excess weight!

  • Be proud of yourself
  • Increase your powers of seduction
  • Feel better in your everyday life

Lisa (22) has been on the Slimdoo®Program for 6 months**

"I feel really fab when I go out clubbing now. This program has totally changed my life! I’ve managed to lose weight without restricting what I eat, with just a little will power... I’m so proud of myself. I’ve recommended this program to at least ten of my friends."